Where to Go Out Swing Dancing in the Hudson Valley

Other Dance Studios

Got2Lindy Dance Studios

Hudson Valley Dance Depot

Monthly Dances

First Thursdays: Swing dance w/ Got2Lindy – Live band + beginner lesson (Newburgh)

First Saturdays: Swing dance w/ Got2Lindy – DJ’d music + workshops (Kingston)

First Sundays: Swing dance w/  Hudson Valley Community Dances – Live band + beginner lesson (Poughkeepsie)

Third Thursdays: Hep Cat Lindy Hop Practice w/ Got2Lindy – DJ’d music (Red Hook)

Second or Third Saturdays: “Swing with Emily Vanston” at Hudson Valley Dance Depot – DJ’d music + workshops (LaGrangeville)

Second or Third Fridays: Swing dance w/ Uptown Swing – Live band + beginner lesson (Kingston)

Fourth Fridays: Swing dance w/ Hudson Valley Community Dances – Live band + workshops (Poughkeepsie)

Other Resources

PoTown Swing Facebook group

Barry’s Dance Page

Please Note

This list does not include West Coast Swing dances—only Lindy Hop/Jitterbug/East Coast Swing.

Please double-check before attending dances, as many events change regularly.

Please email me with any changes/updates/corrections/additions to the above list.